Coming Soon...

Jiggling butts

We'll be adding jiggling butt cheeks animations to our G8F girls whenever appropriate from now on.
This will require 2 additional morph packages, which can easily be purchased online. We think that they're soooo worth it though!
The girl's ass cheeks won't be just static any longer.
See for yourself!
If you don't have these morph packages, the girl's butt cheeks just won't jiggle. That's all. Everything else will work as usual.

MoCap expressions

Some of the longer takes in our upcoming packages will include mocap facial expressions for added realism.
This will require one of the Face Mojo packages for DAZ to play during the animation, but we think it's worth it.
Shorter loops will still have neutral expressions, so that you can set the mood of the scene.


Nuts & Bolts:

We are creating all of our animation packages in Autodesk’s Motionbuilder®. After extensive tweaking, we import them into DAZ Studio®, apply them to Genesis 8 figures and then tweak them once again for final release to the DAZ Studio® audience.

Our philosophy:

We don't animate just 20% or 30% of the actors body parts, but all of them. Everything is moving in our animations, instead of just having a girls head bopping up and down on a guys cock, while everything else is frozen in time. Which is not very immersive.

We also believe that there is no bigger turnoff then seeing a knee or hand sink into a solid surface, like a desk. Or having the guys hand vanish into the girls chest in the middle of the heat. So we take the utmost care to ensure that immersion is maintained by making sure that this doesn't happen with our animations. Most animators can't avoid this from happening from time to time - but we can.

The bottom line:

Each of our animation packages is comprised of several thousand keys, and creating all of these takes a lot of time and effort. Please watch one of our promo clips here. And download one of our free samples. Please visit our FAQ to learn how to use our animations and how to tweak them even further.

Your AnimArts team. Always up to no good.