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Animated Idles: Romantic for Genesis 8

This package contains 8 animations of a couple having romantic moments. These animations are meant to be played as an animated background instead of simple static images.

There are four single loops for quick renders, as well as four 6x loops with positional changes throughout the animation for longer renders.

We have used Genesis 8 Male Body Morphs and Genesis 8 Female Body Morphs (available in the DAZ store) to simulate the breathing of the figures. This is optional however.

Included, as usual, is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script, the fit of the pose won't be ideal.

Each of the four sequences contain a single loop as well as a 6x loop.

The available sequences are:

Holding Hands
Intimate Embrace
Romantic Embrace

We hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders.

Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!