Dinner For Two 10 for Genesis 8

In this 2 sequence animation package, our girl is finally getting some oral pleasure.
And, as always with our animations, hands and feet aren't slipping and sliding all over the place, but they are staying put as they should.

We’ve used “Tongue Control HD For Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female and Male” to give the guy some tongue action. Both animations are seamless loops to create prolonged sequences.

We use 3feetwolf's "Dicktator v3" and Meipe's "New Genitalia for Victoria 8" as genitalia. Both are excellent add-on's and neither require the G8 figure to have a genital texture map. Not all do, so this is really helpful.

There are a total of 10 pose or shape animations in this set.
The available sequences are as follows:

01 Head Up
02 Head Down

So, let her enjoy herself!

PayPal $12.95