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Nightmoves for Genesis 8 Females

This package contains a sexy dance motion capture sequence, which we have converted for Genesis 8 Females.

There are two versions: Regular & Face Mojo

Face Mojo adds motion captured facial expressions to the girl. "Face Mojo for Genesis 8 Females" is available in the DAZ store.
Don't use the Face Mojo version unless you actually have it installed, or DAZ will most likely crash. Just use the regular animation instead and add facial expressions.

Included, as usual, is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script, the fit of the poses may not be ideal.

The available sequences are:

01 Dancer
02 Dancer Face Mojo

We hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders.

Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!