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Rocco Style for Genesis 8

This package contains 13 scenes of Rocco style sex between a guy and a girl.
They were crafted after various sex scenes performed by porn actor Rocco Siffredi over the years.

We have created a chair prop for the "Love Chair" scenes, which is included in this package (Iray only).

For the girl's butt cheeks to bounce, you will need to have:
"Stereo Love For G3M G8M And G8F" (available on and "Glute and Breast Control Genesis 8" (available in the DAZ store) installed.

We have used Meipe's "Dicktator G8" for the male genitalia, and 3feetwolf’s "New Genitalia For Victoria 8" as usual.
Also included is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script, the fit of the poses won't be ideal, so please remember using it first before applying the animations.

Each of the 13 sequences is comprised of 4 animations or pose presets. One for G8M, one for G8F, one for New Gens V8 and one for Dicktator G8.

There are a total of 52 animations in this set.

The available sequences for each of the three scenes are:

Love Chair:
01 Pose A
02 Pose A Long
03 Pose B
04 Pose B Long

Reverse Piledriver:
01 Getting Ready
02 Insertion
03 Inserted Idle
04 Fucking
05 Fucking Long
06 Orgasm
07 Dripping Long

01 Snack
02 Snack Long

We hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders.

Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!