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Sandwiched 40 for Genesis 8

This is our second threesome animation package. In these 5 sequences our girl has to do double duty once more.

As always in our animations, hands and feet aren't slipping and sliding all over the place, but they are staying put as they should.

Most of the animations are seamless loops to create prolonged sequences, except for the "Insertion" and "Orgasm" sequences, which are one-offs (but could also be looped).

We use 3feetwolf's "Dicktator G8" and Meipe's "New Genitalia for Victoria 8" (plus the ZExpansion add-on) as genitalia. Both are excellent add-on's and neither require the G8 figure to have a genital texture map. Not all do, so this is really helpful.

The ZExpansion add-on for NVG8 allows for realistic female genital poses when the gentleman is.. rather well-endowed. If you don't have either genitalia product you can still use the Genesis 8 female and male anatomical elements, but the animations we provide would not be used for them.

Also included is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script the fit of the poses is not ideal.

Each of the 5 sequences is comprised of 8 animations.
One for G8M_Anal, one for G8M_Vag, one for G8F, one for the New Genitalia for Victoria 8 and two for Dicktator G8 (shape and pose presets) for each of the two Dicktator figures.

G8M_Anal is the guy standing behind her, and G8M_Vag is the guy in front of her. No big surprise there.

There are a total of 40 pose or shape animations in this set.

The available sequences are:

01 Getting Ready
02 Passionate
03 Insertion
04 Fucking
05 Orgasm

We hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders.

Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!