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Sideways 100 for Genesis 3

This is our fourth animation package, and this time it's for the Genesis 3 generation.

The set is composed of 20 sequences, depicting intercourse between a Genesis 3male and female. Some are one-off's not to be looped, while others are seamless loops to create prolonged sequences.

We use 3feetwolf's "Dicktator for Genesis 3" and Meipe's "New Genitalia for Victoria 8" (plus the ZExpansion add-on) as genitalia. Both are excellent addon's and neither require the G3 figure to have a genital texture map. Not all do, so this is really helpful.

The ZExpansion addon for NVG8 allows for realistic female genital poses when the gentleman is.. rather well-endowed. If you don't have either genitalia product you can still use the Genesis 3female and male anatomical elements, but the genital animations we provide would not be used for them. Or you render from an angle where penetration isn't visible and don't use any genitalia at all. But, that would be kind of boring.

Also included is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script the fit of the poses is not ideal.

Each of the 20 animation sequences is comprised of 5 animations. One each for G3F and G3M, one for the New Genitalia for Victoria 8 and two for Dicktator  (shape and pose presets).

There are a total of 100 pose or shape animations in this new set. The sequence selection roughly follows the selection from our Missionary 100 package. Everything from getting ready to banging and the aftermath. But no cuddling. :)


The available sequences are:

01 Idle loop
02 Insertion
03 Inserted idle loop
04 Intercourse loop A
05 Intercourse loop A with thumb
06 Intercourse loop B
07 Intercourse loop C
08 Intercourse loop D
09 Before climax loop
10 Male cums inside start
11 Male cums inside loop
12 After cumming inside loop
13 Cumming outside start
14 Cumming outside loop
15 After cumming outside loop
16 M/F climax start
17 M/F climax loop
18 M/F climax end
19 Pulling out
20 Dripping juices

Finally, we hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders. Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!