SixtyNine 15 for Genesis 8

There is some fierce licking and slurping going on in this 3 sequence animation package. There are 2 base position loops and a transition sequence that goes from her licking the guy to her blowing him. When you reverse that transition in your video editor then it also works the other way around.

We’ve used “Tongue Control HD For Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Female and Male” to give them some tongue action.

And we use 3feetwolf's "Dicktator v3" and Meipe's "New Genitalia for Victoria 8" as genitalia. Both are excellent add-on's and neither require the G8 figure to have a genital texture map. Not all do, so this is really helpful.

There are a total of 15 pose or shape animations in this set.
The available sequences are as follows:

01 Licking
02 Blowjob
03 Transition

So, let them enjoy themselves!

PayPal $17.95