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Tough Love 25 for Genesis 8

These are 5 animated scenes about love, pain and submission.
Unlike with our other animations, some of these here require or at least work best with some additional props, morphs and L.I.E overlays.

What we've used for our promo clips:

1. For the "Stock" animation we've used "Der Bock". Available here
We like this prop because it comes with some morphs that let you make adjustments, but other stock props could probably be used as well.

2 & 3. For the toilet animations we've used a prop from a bathroom asset.
Any toilet should work though, as long as you can open the lid of course.

4. For the "Spreaders" sequence we've used:
Bondage Cuffs For G8M G8F and Spreader Bar

5. The spanking sequence uses the most additional assets to work well. We've used:
- Bad Toys - Square Whipper
- Red butt cheeks
- Rope
- Bouncing butt cheeks
We've used the Square Whipper because it comes with morphs to animate it bending on impact. It is a rather old prop, but it worked well for this. Make sure to parent it to the guys left hand.
This sequence was created at 200 FPS in order to get good resolution when it comes to the impact of the whipper on the girl's ass cheeks, but you can just render it at 24 FPS and it will still look nice.

We have used 3feetwolf's "Dicktator G8" for the male genitalia and “New Genitalia For Victoria 8" as usual. Included is a script that will unlock all bones of a figure prior to applying the animations. Without the script the fit of the poses is not ideal.

For any high heels animations, the heels should be loaded first onto the girl and then the animation, to correct any wrong foot bending caused by applying the high heels.

Each of the 5 sequences is comprised of 5 animations.
One for G8M, one for G8F, one for the New Genitalia for Victoria 8 and two for Dicktator G8 (shape and pose presets).

There are a total of 25 pose or shape animations in this set.
The available sequences are as follows:

01 Stock
02 Toilet - Hand On Her Shoulder
03 Toilet - Hand On Her Head
04 Spreaders
05 Spanking

We hope that you'll enjoy these animations when you spice up your DS renders.

Stay tuned for more animation packages coming soon!